Why Tricoya?

Tricoya® creates a new class of MDF products with class 1 durability and exceptional dimensional stability, suitable for a wide range of exterior applications such as door skins and door panels, façade paneling, trim, fascia’s, soffits, etc.

Tricoya® can be cut, machined and installed using techniques and equipment commonly used throughout the building industry and requires low maintenance thereafter. The flexibility of Tricoya® offers endless design opportunities so that it can be cut to size, machined CNC cut, painted, routed, wrapped without impacting its unique properties.

Performance Benefits

Tricoya® combines the versatility, ease of machining, ease of coating and large panel format with the performance heritage and credentials of Accoya®. Accoya® and Tricoya® have been in the market since 2007 and 2011 respectively, predominantly in Europe and are living up to the promise for manufacturers and specifiers alike.

Tricoya® is characterised by its durability, dimensional stability and reliability properties. The new design and application possibilities offered by the marriage of acetylated wood fibre with the manufacturing technology of MDF is set to excite and stimulate composite product manufacturers, designers, architects and the construction industry alike, opening up new possibilities and solutions.