Panel Plus



Melamine Faced Panels

Our melamine faced panels enhance their resistance to scratches, moisture, and chemicals. Our panels enhance are thus ideal materials for furniture applications ranging from residential decorations responding to every design needs.


Particle Board

Particle Board is a composite material made from rubber wood chip. Chips will be forming to sheet in 3 layer structure through the pressure and the adhesive resin. The fine chips are scattered for forming the top and bottom layers. Chips with an appropriate large size will be used in producing the Core Layer.


Medium Density Fibreboard

Medium Density Fibreboard by Panel Plus is produced from rubber wood with state of the art technology and machine from Germany. The Fibre Sifter, installed by Panel Plus is the most advanced and sophisticated machine at present, which is able to remove most of the latex in the processing stage thus minimizing the chance of any latex spots on the surface of the board. Thus, it can provide smooth surface for spray painting, which requires the gloss, for built-in furniture, decorating work within various buildings including edging, baseboard and bending works.


HMR Board

Particle Board or MDF HMR is a highly moisture resistant due to the bonding of wood particles with a special moisture resistant resin system for use in areas of high humidity or areas where occasional wetting may occur. Additionally, there are Melamine Faced Panels HMR that have a variety of designs and surfaces as well.