What is Particle Board or Medium Density Fibreboard HMR?

Particle Board or MDF HMR is a highly moisture resistant due to the bonding of wood particles with a special moisture resistant resin system for use in areas of high humidity or areas where occasional wetting may occur. Additionally, there are Melamine Faced Panels HMR that have a variety of designs and surfaces as well.


Why Green Dye?

HMR can be easily identified by the green dye incorporated in the core of the board which is common used for classification of general particle board or MDF.


How to test V313 cyclic test

  • The test specimens are immersed in water at 20±1 °C for 70±1 hrs.
  • Later, they are frozen at -12 °C to -25 °C for 24±1 hrs.
  • After that they are heated up at 70±2 °C for 70±2 hrs.

This cycle is repeated 3 times. After that they are tested for the quality assurance according to the following standards.

How to apply?

Particle Board or Medium Density Fibreboard HMR can be used in areas of high humidity such as toilet door, modern kitchen room and etc. Excluding situations of exposure to water.